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Pina Bruno-Grieve

Athelstan Siamese and Orientals


Seal Point Siamese Girl, Black Oriental Boy and Black and White Oriental with their bags packed and ready to go to their forever homes from 21st October.

Mrs Pat Shand

Palmira Siamese

01261 498514

Gorgeous Siamese boys, chocolate point and seal tabby point, ready for their forever homes in the second week of December. For pet or show neuter. Vaccinated, GCCF registered, insured and five generation pedigree.

Molly Samphier 

01835 822393

Siamese kittens available now. Seal, chocolate, apricot and caramel points. Fully vaccinated, registered and insured

Molly Samphier 

01835 822393

Chocolate and white, and fawn and white Bicolour kittens and also a caramel Oriental in the same litter. These beautiful kittens are ready to go to their new homes now, fully vaccinated, and GCCF registered.

Linda Watson

Avondhu Siamese and Orientals

01333 278442

Oriental Bi Colour girls

Oriental Red BoyOriental Bi Colour Boy

Havana girl

All with loving personalities

9 weeks old ,Registered with GCCFInsured , Fully vaccinated

Brought up in a loving family home ,and are well socialised with children dogs, and noise and have natures to die for

You are more than welcome to phone and ask any questions about the kittens or any information you need to know

Eleanor Stewart


01383 320002 / 079800 26849

Beautiful oriental kittens available. 2 black oriental male kittens. 2 seal tabby oriental female kittens. GCCF registered non-active. Fully vaccinated, wormed, health checked. 5 generation pedigree. 4 weeks free insurance. Ready 4th October. £500.

Eleanor Stewart


01383 320002 / 079800 26849

Chocolate tortie point female Siamese kittens. GCCF reg. Fully vaccinated. Health checked wormed 5 generation pedigree 4 weeks free insurance to loving indoor home . Ready now. £400

Mrs Lena McDonald


Seal, chocolate and lilac point Siamese kittens (male and female). Beautiful, well socialised kittens will be ready to go to their new homes from 24th October 2017. Fully vaccinated, vet checked, 4 weeks free insurance. GCCF registered non-active. £450

We are updating the listings on this page. New listings will be added very soon.

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  • Breeders must be members of the Siamese Cat Society of Scotland.
  • Breeders are strongly recommended not to sell kittens until they are 13 weeks old and are fully vaccinated and registered.
  • All kittens should go with full feeding and care information.
  • Breeders should be prepared to assist re-homing cats they have bred if requested to do so.

All kitten adverts will be removed automatically after 30 days in an effort to keep the list fresh and up to date. Feel free to re advertise your kittens if they are still looking for homes.

Inclusion in the Kitten Register will be at the discretion of the S.C.S.S.

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