Stop Press, 3rd January 2019:

Two Lilac Point Siamese, brother and sister, 6 years old, must have SAFE access to outdoors, no small children.  Preferably no other pets.  If you are interested please ring Dee on 01546 886392 after 7pm.

Our grateful thanks to our wonderful Welfare Officer Dee Carrick who tirelessly finds the right homes for the Siamese and Orientals that need them most.

We are always looking for secure happy homes for our Siamese and Orientals who need it… If you think you can fit the bill and offer a lifetime commitment to one of these furry friends – please get in touch with Dee today on 01546 886392 after 7pm.

“Success Story” in Welfare Circles doesn’t mean a Red-Card Day! It means 10 or 12 years down the line, an owner phones “Just to tell you how… is doing” It means a little Siamese being safely rehomed to Shetland – 14 years later he’s still eying up the seagulls on Unst. It means 11 out of 12 cats being rehomed in just over 1 week. It means a letter from one of the 11… and photo, a year later. It means being able to rehome animals who have previously had a miserable existence – and to hear how they are thriving in their new homes. Best of all, it means taking a little bit of time to talk through a problem with a distressed owner and being able to find a satisfactory, workable solution, so that the owner is able to keep the cat – THAT IS MAGIC! Equally magic – a cat rehomed within 1 hour of being phoned in!

Dee Carrick

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